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Are all of your products sold online?
Unfortunately, no. As our online store grows, more and more products will be added but our focus right now is our ethical trade line, and locally crafted products that are easily shipable. Our brick and mortar store in Coquitlam has an ever changing selection of gift and home decor pieces from large Canadian brands and small local crafts people. We hope to see you in store sometime and you can always find photos of some of our newest pieces on Facebook and Instagram.

What does "ethically traded" mean?
Ethical trade refers to how a product is created and how it affects the people that work on them.

We believe that the manufacture of our products should furnish a living wage, and wherever possible promote the tradition skills of women in developing countries.

Our Ethical Trade products mean that:
• no child or forced labour was used to create these products
• all workers have a decent and safe working environment
• workers are paid a living wage
• no human rights abuses occur in the production or procurement of our products
• the production of our products creates a sustainable livelihood